H. Associació per a les Arts Contemporànies

H. Associació per a les Arts Contemporànies is a non-profit organisation dedicated to stimulating and realising activities which encourage artistic expression and the expression of thought committed to contemporary ideas and aesthetics, as well as creation, research and studies in this field.

H. collaborates with organisations and associations which encourage and allow these spheres of culture and thought to remain in the forefront of its activities.

Since its inception in 1991, it has brought different projects to completion in different fields. It organises, jointly along with other sponsoring associations, the QUAM (Quinzena d’Art de Montesquiu); it publishes, in collaboration with Eumo Editorial, the collection Texts on Contemporary Arts; it realises and produces exhibitions and organises conferences and debates on aspects of art and contemporary thought.

Since 2009 it has concentrated its activity principally in managing ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies, a result of its cooperation with the Ajuntament de Vic and the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
Address: Carrer Sant Francesc 1, 08500 Vic (Barcelona)
Telephone: (34) 93 885 37 04
Email: info[at]haac.cat
Web: haac.cat

What is Xarxaprod?

Xarxaprod - Red de espacios de producción y creación de Cataluña- es una asociación que reúne centros de producción y creación, tanto públicos como privados al servicio de la producción cultural contemporánea.
Creada en el año 2006, el objetivo principal de Xarxaprod es compartir y optimizar recursos con la finalidad de enriquecer el tejido productivo a disposición de creadores/as y fomentar su relación con la sociedad.


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